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Supporting Mental Health Awareness Month: Resources for Creators

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this national movement is exceptionally important as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected how creators work and make a living. Isolation, combined with the closure of venues and the halt of some creative industries, has put incredible pressure on the creative community and their families. Fortunately, countless organizations offer advocacy and support programs to serve the creative community. The Copyright Alliance has compiled a list of 12 creator-focused mental health resources designed to support our community.

The Actors Fund

The Actors Fund offers a variety of resources for those who work in entertainment and the performing arts. The organization’s website lists resources such as social services and financial assistance, health and health insurance, and senior care. The Actors Fund’s professional social workers offer counseling and support groups, education, emergency financial assistance, and practical help completely free of charge.

Art with Impact

Art with Impact “promotes mental wellness by creating space for young people to learn and connect through art and media. The organization focuses on empowering young people to “communicate freely and fearlessly about their mental health,” including by providing information about different mental illnesses. Notably, Art with Impact has been supporting student mental health during social distancing by offering two-hour long virtual workshops that help young adults, health professionals, and community members gain a better understanding of mental health in their environment through film.

Artist Relief Fund

Artist Relief is a fund created by the Academy of American Poets, Artadia, Creative Capital, Foundation for the Contemporary Arts, MAP Fund, National YoungArts Foundation, and United States Artists designed to provide financial, professional, social, and mental health support to artists. Through the fund, artists can apply for financial support and access additional resources for online workshops, national grants, local grants, open calls, and a variety of other emotional and practical guidance. One standout resource is monthly hour-long live conversations where an Artist Relief coalition member leads a conversation on a topic relevant to responding and adopting to new circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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