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What You Need to Know About Licensing Music for Virtual Events

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused countless event cancellations and shifted much of the workforce from being at the office to working from home. While where and how we work may have changed, organizations are adapting and hosting their events online.

Although the change from in-person to virtual events has moved our focus to new types of venues, the music licensing landscape has stayed the same. Whether you’re hosting an online concert or member meeting, you’ll need to ensure that your event has the necessary music licenses for the music you want to play.

Licenses You’ll Need

When it comes to virtual events, you’ll need to obtain licenses for the sound recording, underlying musical composition, and public performance of the sound recording and underlying musical composition. Many commercial live streaming platforms already hold the types of licenses you need, however not all live streaming platforms do. It is just as important to obtain these licenses if you are holding your virtual event from your own website or meeting platform.

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